Training Workforce Management

The successful development of a company’s workforce plays a key role in determining the survival, effectiveness and competitiveness of that company. Therefore, aligning your workforce and management strategies to realize organizational goals is vital!
This course focuses on the management of an organization’s workforce in order to achieve strategic business objectives. Workforce management strategies at the individual, team and organizational levels are considered.
Skills are developed in the assessment of workforce situations and development of programs to enhance workforce effectiveness. The role of Human Resource Management systems is also discussed.


  • The relationship between people-management activities and the achievement of organizational strategy.
  • People-management situations to develop appropriate action plans.
  • External and internal environmental factors that affect worker performance.
  • Individual factors (attitudes, motivation) in worker performance and demonstrate skill in developing activities to influence those factors.
  • Group process (teams, leadership, power) in worker performance.
  • Organizational change process.
  • The integration of people-management activities and other business functions.


Topics covered include values and attitudes, motivation, teams, leadership, organizational culture and structure, conflict management, organizational change, and Human Resource Management systems and practices. The underlying approach will emphasize strategic management, problem identification and solving, and change management.

Any individual who manages a team, business unit or organization as well as individuals seeking to enter or advance in the field of workforce management.


Desmon Ginting

Ir., Desmon Ginting M.Tech.


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