Suppliers Evaluation Program to Achieve Supplier Complience, Loyalty, Quality & On Time Delivery

In today’s increasingly competitive and globalized world, firms are increasingly trying to find ways to improve their performance and
differentiate themselves from their rivals. Clearly, suppliers can have great impact on a firm’s total cost and help in this differentiation process. One of the success factors therefore depends on the ability to positively interact with the supplier community no matter where in the world they are.

Increased levels of outsourcing and off-shoring make correct selection of suppliers and their quality, along with development of relationships between suppliers and producers, more crucial than ever!

This course aims to provide you with an understanding of the impact that sourcing and supply management have on the success and profitability of firms in today’s business environment.
We will look at some of the factors that need to be considered when making sourcing and supplier management decisions (costs, prices, ethics, globalization, risks), and discuss the influence that sourcing and supply management have on other functional activities, such as product design, inventory management, etc.


  • Two Methods of Procurement.
  • Issues of Strategic and Tactical in Choosing Suppliers.
  • Develop and Seek Sources of Supply.
  • What are the Steps of Supplier Development and What Needs to be Done to be a Success?
  • How Supplier Relationship Changes will Improve Business Performance?
  • The Importance of Cost of Quality and How to Determine It.
  • Procedures for Supplier Evaluation.
  • Evaluation of Potential Suppliers
  • Competitive Bidding and Negotiation
  • 10Cs of Supplier Evaluation
  • 7 Tips for Rating and Evaluating Your Suppliers and Vendors


Any individual who is dealing with Suppliers.
Any individual who involves in Supplier & Vendor Management &
Development, Purchasing, Procurement, and Supply Management.

Schedule Training Suppliers Evalution 2018

  1. Jakarta, 25 – 26 Januari 2018
  2. Jakarta, 6 – 7 Juni 2018
  3. Jakarta, 20 – 21 September 2018
  4. Jakarta, 11 – 12 Desember 2018



  1. Rp. 4.199.000,- Rp. 3.999.000,- 
  2. Rp. 3.499.000,- (Pendaftaran & pelunasan 1 minggu sebelum training)
  3. Gratis orang ke 5, untuk pendaftaran 4 orang dari satu perusahaan
  4. Fasilitas Training: Modul Training yang berkualitas (hardcopy dan softcopy), Training Kit, Souvenir, Tempat training yg nyaman di hotel berbintang, Makan Siang, coffee / tea break, Sertifikat, Foto bersama seluruh peserta

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