Testimonial Training NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management

Testimonial of the participants of Training NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management :

“It’s high impact , clear and concise training. Very good & recommended to other environmental professional”Julfrida Ester Nababan – VICO Indonesia

“This training can provide more than enough essential for Environmental Management System in NEBOSH way: clear and concise. The Trainer is patient and always willing to give explanations whenever a questions is raised” Myint Lwin – MPRL E &P Pte Ltd

“NEBOSH Environment give a good additional knowledge regarding environmental management system thoroughly in NEBOSH Way” Kemas Adrian – TOTAL EP Indonesie

“Clear & Concise Training, very informative trainer” Joseph Sudiro – JOB Pertamina Medco E&P

“Good Training, good instructor, structurized material and question example” Subur Darmanto – Premier Oil Indonesia

“Yes, i have done the first NEBOSH Environment Class in Indonesia” Yuwono O – AKR

“The training is very good, enriched my knowledge in Environment management best practice. The participants are enthusiasm to follow the materials. It is fun to conduct the practical assignment in class, lots of fun, laugh, etc” Edi Yulindra  – PT. Chevron Pasific Indonesia. 

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